Anonymous asked: Hey Amy! I loved the outfit you wore to Fashions Night Out. What is your everyday off duty style? And who is your fashion icon? :)

Dear Bracco Report Reader,

Sorry for my late reply. The last 3 weeks have been crazy busy for me! Fashions Night Out was a blast this year and I loved my (last minute) outfit choice! Black and White is so classic and adding a pop of red through my accessories and lip color was a fun way to mix it up.

My everyday style is California hippie meets downtown New Yorker. I love being comfortable, but I also don’t mind putting a pair of stilettos on and dancing the night away. 

Recently when I was in London my friend Candice Lake snapped a street style shot of me after a day of castings and before the Chanel/Karl Lagerfeld exhibit opening party. I was wearing #AnnaSui boots, #3x1 jeans and a #RueDuMail sweater.

On my days off I love putting on a pair of old jeans, a sweater and a pair of nike track shoes and going to the dog park with my pooch Pirate Rose. 

My style icon is my dear friend Candice Lake. She’s always had a great sense of style and she’s my go-to stylist when I need help putting an outfit together for a special event. Check out her site for outfit ideas and trend alerts.

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